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Entertainment Technologists helps organizations from non-profits, startups and up to Fortune 500 companies think about what makes them unique, how to differentiate their products and solutions, and how to successfully execute.  


Strategic Growth Cycle

Our model is based on continuous development in our exclusive Strategic Growth Cycle. We engage companies wherever they are on the cycle and help them build profitable, rapid scaling organizations that can thrive in the modern business climate.  That requires continuous innovation and a relentless market focus to ensure that

  • whatever is being delivered includes features demanded by customers

  • products and the company itself are correctly positioned and

  • there's always a plan to drive a market, instead of being driven by it.

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Corporate Development & Strategy

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.

It's surprising how many companies, successful or not, do not have a clearly articulated strategy for growth. Taking the time to develop a plan that contemplates market trajectories, what competitors may do and product/market fit ultimately creates an organization that can move faster. If there is an agreed plan to judge decisions against a plan, it becomes much easier to evaluate opportunities, deals and products/features. Without a plan every decision becomes painful with teams rehashing old questions of identity, focus and resources.

We've built strategies for corporate growth, financing, products, suites of products and M&A and have research, planning and board level advisors to help define, refine and present your new strategy.

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Product Development & Technology

We're Technologists at heart.  And while not every problem has a technology solution, a surprising number do!  We have a team of industry veteran product designers, mangers, engineers and developers who have built some iconic products across cloud, creative tools, asset management and 

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