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Demystifying Virtual Production

Virtual Production technologies promise to radically change movie and TV content creation.  Yet, real information and experience is scarce and the industry is filled with new buzz words, technologies and bold claims.  How do producers and studio executives cut through the B.S. to find out what they really need to know about Virtual Production technologies, workflows and most importantly the budget impacts of these new ways of working?


Entertainment Technologists is pleased to give you exclusive access to our new whitepaper that takes a fresh look at the pros, cons, tips, tricks and economic analysis behind Virtual Production. The paper is free to download courtesy of our sponsors, NEP Virtual Studios and Prysm Stages.  Accompanying the paper is an Excel budget and scheduler to model the impacts of Virtual Production on your own projects as well as associated graphics and cheat sheets from the paper.

Download Your Copy Now

"Demystifying Virtual Production" and the associated Spreadsheet, Cheat Sheets and Graphics are available for free, courtesy of NEP Virtual Studios.

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